RegEditer 2.0

Real powerful registry edit management tool,with powerful search function,replace,copy and paste key
2.0 (See all)

Real powerful registry tool,You can see good-bey to Microsoft regedit,and see good-bey to "registry be lock by system manager" annoying error info. Powerful copy and paste key and values function. Powerful search function,you can search in key,value,string value,even dword data,binary data and any other data in your resitry wild-char search,it's very cool. Powerful replace function Go to key or value with wonderful speediness,support address bar,go to direct... Favorites,you can add your favorite key or use to operate key in it. Powerful key content view and edit function,even you can print it. Powerful string,binary data editor,even you can view your binary data as a picture,you can load data from a file or save data to a file Command line,support,when your system is halt,i think commandline method is your need. 10 known datatype support,even a datatype unknow,you can view and edit it too. 8 languages support,auto detect your language,and easy to add new language by normal user. Easy magic setting method-KRML(KugleSoft Registry Mark Langugae),it's a script file like HTML file,so anybody know WEB or HTML can edit it and expand it can let you set your system in very easy way,such as,click a checkbox then you can unlock your registry be locked in microsoft regedit. Unlimited Expand function by KRML,you can with your self,let it full with your characters,it's too cute. ...Nothing can not do,but only without mind. ...And this software is freely until you wanna thanks author or think it's a wonderful tool.when you order one,you can get any new version auto Nobody will force you to buy it. Don't hesitate,it's your need.give microsoft regedit,then you have a more wonderful one. Don't use it if you fear to have a too powerful registry tool,or you do not wanna be a registry and system superior,or you do not have a easy way to do it

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